Lost like 18k pirate coins

So I bought guardian and destruction stones from the merchant ship. I had like 17-19k pirate coins before the purchase. When it asked me for an amount, I typed 333 really fast, in order to get to the max amount of shards available quicker, and hit enter really fast also. I then go to buy Harmony shard pouch, and it shows that I’m out of pirate coins. What the hell?

I’m guessing it took the amount of pirate coins from what I typed as the total, but then corrected itself when it gave me the mats, because of the max weekly limit. Please reimburse me, I literally have no pirate coins now, and can’t buy anything.

I can tell you what happened… you spent all your pirate coins. tier 3? the stones cost 16,200 pirate coins to buy all of them…

This was over a month ago, this was T1 mats.