Lost login rewards

I know that this has been mentioned before, but I’ll say it again.

Login rewards shouldn’t just disappear once the new month has started. There was no warning to heads-up that they’ll simply get deleted. No game I know of ever does this. What’s wrong with just sending them to the mail like any other normal MMO? What if I forget to claim something? What if I’m choosing not to claim some rewards because the game says that they’ll be bound to the character and I still haven’t decided my main yet? There is no excuse for this, and you can keep your “Why didn’t you just claim them?,” because I explained why I didn’t “just claim them.” No one wants to clutter their inventory. I claim what I use, not just anything that flickers.

I know this game has the worst support and they won’t even look at the forums, but I’m glad that I haven’t spent money yet, because it makes it easier to quit a game that makes you rage on every corner.