Lost loot Argos P1 P2


I just got a game crash after clearing Argos P1 and P2. I’ve spent hours to progress it and after logging back I was in Nia Village.

My loot is no-where, my Abyss raid panel says that Weekly limit exceeded, Reward Claimed.

I wan’t a solution…

A: Restore my Loot
B: Restore my entry
C: Compensation

Server : Kadan(EUC)
Character : Amaterásu


Hello @Salva

I’m sorry for the late response!

Thank you very much for bringing your current issue to our attention and I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

In this case I need to contact CS live channel, they will have to raise you a ticket in order the specialist team check your entitlements, if they find them and the rewards are not yet reflected on your account our dev team will join in and active them.

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I hope this information granted has been provided you gives a great and helpful insight.

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so this guy gets dc’d and he can get the rewards? yet i lose connection during Oreha Prevaza and get saved and your support says they can’t do anything? how is that fair?


Day 3.

I’m left without any answers still, I’ve contacted chat support, I did everything I could. I received 0 help so far by now.

There is a critical game bug, I am the vitness of it and there is no even possible way to compensate my loss.

I guess I should accept that I just lost a week of progression?


I am experiencing this issue as well. I swiped hard to do the 1370 raid this week so I could keep up with my friends, and Amazon live support said they can do nothing about it nor compensate me in any way.

Still no reply from “Technical team” yet.

Have a similar issue to this. Have they gotten it sorted out yet?

Same issue P1-P3 Argos. Game crashed right before the P3 Argos kill, got back in and I couldn’t claim rewards. I leave the raid thinking I would just go again with a new group, nope entry limit done for the week and it says loot has been claimed… yet I have nothing. It’s sad that honest players have stuff like this happen and nothing is done about it, yet there’s bots running rampant on all servers…

They will just send you a link to a post from dev team about a system that should give you a new ticket within 24 hours, they did that to me but thing is that system is broken and wont send a thing, so when they get tierd of listening to you they will just tell you to wait untill next week reset, thats about the quality of service you can expect… you will see…GL you need it.

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