Lost loot - Boss Rush Ticket - in Chaos Dungeon due to accidental portal click

Is there any way to get this loot back?

I had 5-6 purple items, some gems, and a Boss Rush ticket on the ground after I finished the second stage of my second Chaos Dungeon. I had anticipated 4 rows of inventory space would be enough to hold the items for 2 runs but was wrong. I was trying to open my storage through my pet to put items away and accidentally clicked on the portal to move to the next stage. This feels really bad because all the loot was right near the portal and the game gives you so much random stuff for completion/battle sake that inventory space is always an issue. If I didn’t have pet storage I’d be sol.

Hello @chodak Welcome to the forums!

I am sorry to hear about the lost loot, currently we don’t have an option to recover items and because the loot was left on the floor it would be harder because there isn’t any records of the character picking up the item, so it won’t be possible to recover the items.

I hope you have a great rest of your day.