Lost Merchants UI Update Oct. 20 Good Job!

The third party site lost merchants recently got an updated UI that received mixed reviews, but today when I checked there’s now a new option in the Settings to “Enable compact mode for merchant grid”.

This is like the original table-based design.

Thanks so much to the developers of that site! Many of us use it daily.


oh finally old design was just better and clear

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yeah much much better! Good on them for allowing that as an option!

Nice. I love the old school table format

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This is excellent, the only missing part I could find is the mouse over on location name to view the maps

You can click on it for the map.

Compact Mode for the win

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It is a lot better now, their “new” gui was had no padding on the left/right, which was just lazy.
New users can use that and I understand why it’s the default look/layout, no quarrels there.

Thankfully the “old” layout is back and while I do like it a lot more (it’s modern now) the issue with thumbs up/down/suggest still persists. The issue I’m referring to is that all 3 icons are white, they should bring back the blue for thumbs up and red for thumbs down and maybe yellow as suggestion or whatever.

That is just more pleasing to the eye and easier to see what and where you’ve been or still have open. Other than that, they might want to communicate more, since beside honing their developing skills they are also providing a public service. Communication is progress, always have always will.

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