Lost my Twitch drops and crystalline aura

I have unclaimed twitch drops: helgia pet and the hover board, and unclaimed crystalline aura. dont know what happened but it just disappeared. i havent even claimed them yet. what happened?

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Same here, my unclaimed crystaline aura - 3 days and arkasia paper hat, just gone.

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I’m sorry this problem is affecting you.

We have received reports and confirmed items are missing from the product inventory, the shop is not available in-game, and Crystal Auras are missing from multiplayer characters.

We are actively investigating this problem, for more details you can see this post:

To fix this specific issue, we need a client patch. Smilegate RPG is building on that patch and we hope to include this fix in our next update that we are preparing for next week. We understand that after the delivery of this patch, most major trading related issues will work properly.

You can contact our customer service at the following link if you have any problems:

Have a great week.