Lost my Vern Powerpass

Somehow my Vern Powerpass got deleted from my mail, after contacting support, the advised me that it was deleted.
I have never seen it in my mail - hence why I’m making a post about it here.
Was wondering if it could possibly be restored so I could claim it.

Thank you

Hey @kxngchrxs,

I’m sorry that you’ve lost your Vern Powerpass.

Please provide me with the following details, so that I can look into it.
Server name:
Character name:

Looking forward for your response.
Have a good one! ★

Server is Rohendel
Character name is kxngchrxs

Thank you!

Hello again, @kxngchrxs.

Thank you for providing the details.

I’ve checked and found out that, the mail was indeed deleted from your account manually.
This might have been done accidentally.

However, I’ve escalated this issue, and I’ll get back to you once I have an update on this.

Thanks for your patience.
Have a good day! ★

Okay thank you, and yes it would’ve 100% been done accidentally.
I hope it’s able to be resolved to restore!

Just following up on if there is an update on this thread?