Lost ownership Guild

I was on vacation for a few weeks and when I came back to the game I am no longer the guildmaster of my guild, but the guildmaster is another pj who eliminated me. Lost ark allows things like that?

It is automated. You are not suppose to have vacations. You are suppose to grind chaos/guardians daily with 8 chars. Well … you learned your lesson :smiley:


hahhaha I think so, I was fired from my Lost Ark job

It was noted that after x number of days without logging in the GL loses that position so yep no surprise there!

Hello @Nervohm, @twiztid213, and @Tehpaladin,

I am sorry to hear you lost your guild ownership but this is an actually expected behavior in the game when the guild master goes inactive for a long period of time and in order to keep guilds active. The Guild mastery will then go to another player which can choose to eliminate inactive players.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf:

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Catches a lot of people by surprise, yes.

If the GM doesn’t log in for 10 days, ownership goes to the guild Deputy (if one was set). If no Deputy, then it chooses an Officer.

If neither of those are available, apparently the game chooses the player who contributed the most donations to the guild.

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Ok I understand, but now I have no guild, the new guildmaster kicked me out and I lost the guild I created for a year. Does that seem like “common behavior” to you?

Hello @Nervohm and thank you @PowPowtia for your valuable input,

Thank you for following up on this topic. Unfortunately, there is nothing wrong with the way the clan was redistributed as it is within the game’s setup that this is how it will go. You can try joining the guild once again and asking for the leadership back but given how you were expelled, that may be unlikely.

Good luck! :wolf:

so you went on a vacation the guild got no one to run guild quest and other stuff so no one should have guild owner ship ? it’s your fault for not giving the lead to someone else you refuse to accept it and now you are saying common behavior ? if you created the guild and setup officers and other stuff you wouldn’t been kicked. you can msg player back and talk to him mods can’t help you since it’s your own fault

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Good Luck? Really? you’re laughing in my face!! Nice good community and good game you are creating Fenrirskoll! Unbelieve

yes blame everyone else beside you clearly the community fault and blaming CM for your own damn mistake ? i see the guy actually did the guild a favor by kicking you go back to your “vacation”

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Don’t blame the messenger :smiley:
I also laughed hard when found your topic :joy:
Reminded me some pug vykas run my friend had with his alt, when toxic raid leader decided to kick somebody but lost leadership back in the lobby and got kicked instead :rofl:

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Game hasnt been out for a yr nice try buddy

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