Lost relic rapport gift when giving NPC SaSha. Need help or explanation

I just received the relic gift box from 12 days roll call. And chose Encavian Crown x1. Then comes with an available Encavian Crown. I gave 2 Crown relics to NPC SaSha. However, the exp rapport received was only 10000. I had to give 1 more gilf relic rapport to complete.
Please help me check.
Name: Ninaoo
Server: Mari NA West.
Lost iteam: Encavian Crown x1
Admin help me ! plz

Encavian Crown is a relic rapport item that only gives 5000 rapport points to female characters.
There is also Crystal Necklace, which only gives 5000 points to male characters.

As far as I know these are the only two items that work this way.

-.- oh men !

Unfortunately it’s true sorry for the bad luck. Just a tip for future check out the rapport descriptions it’ll tell you who it’s best suited for. Below was taken from the crown hope this helps! for future (i’ve made the same mistake)

Encavian Crown

An ancient relic of Encavia, a kingdom that prospered in Yudia ages ago. It’s an Rapport Item that all young men would love to have. You cannot give this item as a gift more than once, so think carefully before deciding who you want to give it to.