Lost relic set from reserve


I realized (10min ago) that my 1st piece of the relic set (chest of the nightmare flower) had disappeared.
I had put it in my reserve after improving its rank.

I can’t find it, I didn’t disassemble it, because the number of demonic beast bones is 14 (not 24).

Thank you in advance for helping me find it and/or give it back to me.

Have a good day

serveur nam:e Zinnervale
character name: Pómme

Perhaps you use it in tripods transfers? My weapon and helmet dissapear like these. I was transfering chaos trash tripod equipment and I didn’t see that two of these pieces was my valtan weapon and helmet… I lose all, the weapons, 35 bones, 4 pieces of the other currency and 1500 gold…

I’m very upset that the game allow losing this exclusive equipment in this easy way… without clear warnings. Why not you can make a flashy warning or write a code to confirm? Or better, for relic or legendary sets the game could lock by default the tripod transfer for the sets and make an option for unlock manually by the user, the opposite of how it is now.
I lose 3 weeks of armor farming… Under what conditions will i get to Vikas? :worried:

He could be a response to my situation, but i don’t know really if he disapears like that or it’s a bug ?

But yes, you right, we should have a warning before doing tripods transfers with exclusives sets.

If an admin can explain the reality, it will be great.

Thanks by advance

up ?