Lost Rift shard to the new patch optimization issues

Ever since the new patch rolled out players have had a drastic increase in lag, stuttering and mob spawn delays. I’m one of those players and while it is hilarious to defeat Moake without ever seeing the boss at all due to these issues, it’s not fun anymore when you start to actually lose rewards because of the bug as it turns into game breaking one at that point. I just did a Chaos Gate at Starsand Beach and missed out on the rift shards from the first boss because of how slowly I loaded in and how slowly the boss mob loaded on my screen. I even hit the boss, but got 0 contribution because the visible model didn’t load up on my screen

Please try to fix these optimization issues because at this point it’s getting really old and annoying to have everything stutter like crazy at the beginning and stuff loading very slowly. I even have a good PC, so I’d imagine this being a completely monstrous of an issue since most players will probably have a worse PC and an even worse issue at their hands