Lost royal crystals after maintenance (Galatur)

A couple hours ago Galatur was taken down for maintenance. Roughly 10 minutes before so I had purchased the “Destruction Punisher” paladin skin set for 2,400 royal crystals. Immediately after purchase I tried to redeem the set, however I ran into the issue where nothing would happen and the skin set would remain redeemable in the “obtainable items” tab in the top left corner.
After maintenance the skin set was no longer in that tab and I had still been charged the royal crystals. I’ve checked every inventory and menu I can think of but can’t find the skin set anywhere. I submitted a ticket on the amazon games/lost ark website and was redirected here.
If there’s anyway I could get assistance by being reimbursed or given the set I purchased I’d greatly appreciate it.
IGN: Atpeace

Please check out News Post on this topics to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.