Lost skill points

So I completed the “Return Trip” quest (Rohendel) for the first time on my main character and was hit with a system message saying that I already claimed this permanent increase, and received no skill points. It is now marked as claimed in the Codex.

Server: Aldebaran (NA)
Character: Courante

Have you used feiton pass?

I have on an alt, a long time ago, way before I even completed the Unas necessary to do this quest.
Also, the potion wasn’t marked as claimed in the Codex before I completed the quest just now.

Okay so if you have used Feiton pass, the Return trip automatically completed for you. It also claimed the skill point potion. That’s why you can’t get skill points for the second time now, because you already have it. The potion is roster wide.
Did you take note of your skill point/virtue stats before and after the pass?

I just did some math and that seems to be the case indeed. Very strange as I assumed that wouldn’t complete quests you can’t even start as they need Una grind.

Thanks for the clarification.

You’re welcome. As far as I know, it auto-completes every quests (main quests, side quests, adventure quests, roster quests) on that passed character and claims virtue/skill points potion. I noticed a jump in my virtue, skill point and adventure tome % after the pass. Esp Rohendel and Feiton as it automatically completes Return Trip and The last melody of requiem (needed for tome.)

Not sure why it wasn’t listed as claimed before you manually did the quest, maybe visual bug.