Lost Tooki - Captured Tooki's Tears

Please increase the rng of some collectibles I’ve been trying for days now, this includes spending millions of silver on sh/t because I’m just an unlucky basta/d
Thats all I have


This is incredibly annoying and degrading to players to make them waste hours upon hours of time killing these 2 spawn points for this low of a tome completion item.

This needs to be ramped up to 75%+ and let us move on…we shouldn’t have to spend 8 hours doing mindless nothing to complete things in the game.


I did manage to get it afer 3 days of farming which equals to around 12h+…

Just a tip for anyone who doesn’t know this. After each kill you can switch channels if he’s also spawned and repeat each one. That way you don’t need to wait for the full single respawn and don’t need to move to the other location.
Still hate that drop rate though sad mokoko

Yes and no, might depend on the server you playing on. I thought of that too however where I am (Sasha) there’s only one CH.

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2 days with multiple groups, my self on one and someone else on another.
about 2 hrs each time.
Log off

I’ve been farming this thing for a few hours here and there over the last month and a half. Really frustrating when your server only has one channel. I give up.

Some of these people are going to lose their minds when they find out about Isle Of Yearning Soul, kek

I guess I was lucky for getting it in 50ish minutes.

But I’m close to giving up on Yorn mushrooms. Got around 60x common ones, 0x both of the rare ones and 30x-10x-5x are needed.

Yearning isn’t needed for anything. It’s just the rarest collectible that doesn’t lock out any other rewards. Stupid bs RNG food blocks out the entire Ignea token.

Well ”isn’t needed for anything” is a bit dumb no? What is needed then? Isnt island soul just as a collectible as an ignea token is? And how does it validate some things being easier to obtain?

It doesn’t block you from getting completion rewards. You can still get relic compass for 90 souls without it.

It’s a stupid island, but it’s just one thing by itself. RNG food is ridiculous.

YES please… 5℅ is extremely low I BEG YOU

just skip these garbage quests. snail collection, oyster collection etc. its all just a big waste of time and super boring. for what?
I got 100% giants hearts, rapports are a reasonable amount of tedium to ask from the player but the cooking quests? Nah i rather never get 100%, they need to change them…

Can this please be considered, or revisited? Drop rates for Tooki tears?

You don’t have to increase the drop rate by a lot. But at least a little bit to make this less painful?

@Shadow_Fox ?

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