Lost Una token after the weekley reset :(

i lost 145 una token after the reset i pick them up but whene i log on last night i lost 145 of them… is tehre are way to get them back. i am on Eucentral Parabamse

i hope

Hello, @parabamse and welcome to the Lost Ark community forums!

I’m sorry to hear what happened with your tokens, can you tell me more details about this, did you see them in your inventory at some point? did you leave them with the storage keeper? By any chance were they trashed?

Let me know to see if we can help you!

thx for geting back to me… i did a relog and there are back in my bag now sorry to make a post whene it just what a dam bug :slight_smile: but thx :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know! :smiley:

I was planning 14,000,605 different ways to try to help you, but it’s good to know the re-log just worked!

I hope you continue enjoying the game! :smirk_cat:


I know this thread is old, but I have to…
Doctor Strange reference? ^^

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I had to… :mage: :laughing:

I didn’t know to claim my UNA Tokens before Thurs. I thought I had to claim it on Thurs :disappointed_relieved: I was told ingame chat that it may be mail ingame. I don’t think I have rec’d it. Does it take long to mail ingame?

Same for me, forgot to claim, have had no tokens on any characters mail delivered this reset