Lost vpn,ridiculous

Restricted vpn to stop bots.Has the bot problem been improved, resulting in normal players can not play, in my opinion Amazon is incompetent, before that I have not heard of any game to ban the use of vpn, if you do not have a stable network, you can only give up the game, bots instead of us to play the game, we can not log into the game, Amazon again let us down, we demand to open vpn, ban bots should have a better way!


VPNs won’t help with network stability bruh

If your network is unstable, it will drop from the VPN entirely


Imagine looking at a single side of a multi-dimensional problem and having an absolute fit about one of those dimensions being dealt with.

But vpn can give me a better network experience and I don’t need to suffer from high latency

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Vpns do help network stability if it’s in the path between the server and your isp. They redirect your traffic through more stable paths which is why millions of gamers experience better ping and better stability with a vpn.


If I say that I do not use vpn, for high latency to play, I would rather quit the game

100% correct. I used to live in a semi-remote area of a state (until I moved out of that area about 4 years ago). Man was I glad to have access to better ISPs and more stable networks. VPN was a must because the routing between my end and the destination would mean a very unstable network path and… well… lag/disconnects.

Just because a lot of people live in high-pop areas with great internet and infrastructure, it doesn’t mean it covers everyone… and everyone deserves the right to have fun.


Now that ‘AGS’ has run out of ways to deal with bots, they have resorted to blocking out legitimate players to keep the bots working properly


They want the actual players to leave more space for the bots to farm gold.


I think so.

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I don’t think blocking vpn has any effect

Robots have taken over North Vern

If the VPN has a server that’s close to you (so you don’t need to go through the problematic route) AND not provided by your ISP, and “the server” isn’t distributed, that is…

And even then, edge rerouters (e.g. ExitLag and WTFast) exist and achieve the exact same thing, while not being a VPN.

Unless you want to hide your IP, there’s literally no upside to using a VPN to play games that can’t be achieved otherwise.

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They’re also adding encryption/decryption time to the entire process. You might be able to find a better route than what your ISPs DNS server would, but outside of that…You are not speeding up your connection by connecting to an additional hop unless it somehow routes your packet around a problematic node that is currently dropping packets or something.

The invalidity of this logic is astonishing. Tell me, would you expect visible abs after working out once for 10 minutes? Or, do you understand that there’s a process and it doesn’t provide immediate results?