Lost Weekly Abyssal Dungeon after update kick me

My Problem is Game server kick me out middle in the Abbyssal Dungeon its Gate of paradise > Alaric Santuary because of Hotfix now not let me Enter What can i do? Thank you

EU Center
Server: Procyon
Character: Atreguts


Actually there was a Ticket like this they can check their system who kick out and not receive the items of Abyssal Dungeon and they can just give us that ticket its not our fault to Kick out middle of the Dungeon cuz of patch. There is a in game Ticket for it= http://prntscr.com/T1AuQ4mnfz5q


Hello! Same for me… I was in donjon before the annoucement and kicked because we need more than 10 minutes to finish it. And now i haven’t my rewards but i can’t do the donjon anymore because there is the limitation…

EU Center
Server : Trixion
Character : Takanva

I would also like this to be fixed since it happened to me too

Server: Karta
Character: Ryanzerker

US east region

same got kicked right after 6h maint while doing hard mode abyssal

Server: Valtan
Character: Wheelchairgs

same here,suddenly 10 sec shutdown

server : US WEST Valtan
Character : Ngehe

entry lost : oreha preveza hard

In how many threads do you want to post this answer now? I have the same problem and I don’t have a ticket in my mailbox. Also an abyssal dungeon lasts more than 10 minutes. I started the dungeon when I didn’t know anything about a hotfix

Same thing happened to me.

Hello, I entered the boss rush and the game kicked me out and I can’t enter again because I don’t have a ticket.
Europa Central
Server: Neria

My error happened before the hotfix, during the initial live update for skins as Mari’s secret shop refreshed. Lost entry count to 1370 Abyss Dungeon part 1.

Server: NA West - Akkan
IGN: Ishikari

NA East
Server: Karta

Same happened for me. Please help us.

Hello, same for me
EU Center
server : Procyon
Character : Starnew

Same…this is gonna stagger my progression by quite a bit lol…

NA East
Server : Regulus
Character: Masahiro

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NA West
Server: valtan
Character: Lonelygoblin
help plz

Can we get a reset ticket please.

South America
Server: Kazeros
Character: Reripoter

same f* problem

NA East
Server: Azena
Character: Milkpapa

Same thing here for me and my brother we got dced for maintenence for the hotfix and lost the weekly attempt. Kind of hard to coordinate a surrender with only 15 secs like come one this aint fair.

Region Na East
Server Azena
Char name : Sinchord
Brothers char:Zerknova

do Devs even care about these peoples who lost their dungeon entry?..