Lost Weekly Abyssal Dungeon after update kick me

lol they didnt restore it when all the servers went to 10k ping and everyone got DC’ed or just couldnt move due to the lag why would they do it now?

This is funny, i got a completely different response when i asked for support. Said they are investigating the problem and will compensate once figured out why tickets are not being sent.

At least that’s what i got in my email after contacting their support.

Can you post the e-mail here? What I got from them pretty much was an automated response of “you’re SOL. Wait till next Thursday.”

Alright, re-reading might actually help my bad on this one. So this is the response i got. No idea why it mentions “EU Servers” even though my reported problem is in NA East. So apparently there IS gonna be an announcement if there will be compensation.

Quite frankly they should just hand out a ticket to every person in the server regardlesss of them being affected or not, might be a bad idea but at this point i don’t care.

@Roxx can you please comment on this issue as it is effecting a large amount of your player base.

@Roxx Any updates? Or are we not getting any refunded entry for this? I entered Aira’s Oculus BEFORE the hotfix while the devs decided to push a live update in the middle of no where to add skins. Party and I were booted out and lost entry count. Region: NA West Server: Akkan IGN: Ishikari