Lost weekly raid entry due to server instability


I and my guildmates lost our weekly entry to the Sea of Indolence raid today due to server instability. When we finally managed to get inside, it was only for 3 seconds and then it threw us back into the open world. Due to this, we can’t progress with the remaining two gates of paradise raids either.

Server: Kadan
Affected characters: Clyrinel, Crick, Fordz, Kurono, Merevin & Nuts

We’d love to get out entries back in order to progress normally.
Thank you in advance!



Same happened to my group and we can’t join the raid right now.

Server: Asta
Affected Characters: Azsharion, Sunnda, Lunchalot, Thaleyá, Kayosdrake

We did not get any tickets to be able to get into the raid again after wie disconnected instantly yesterday, before we even got into the raid.

Same happened just now, now completely screwed until next week.