Lostark Helper, a tool to share your daily tasks, optimize honing, and more

Hello there :slight_smile:

A bit more than a week ago, I created a website called Lost Ark Helper, its primary goal is to help with a daily/weekly tasks checklist that you can share with your friends to see what you can do together.

With a bit of time, it grew to include a Mari shop optimizer, a Honing cost optimizer, a weekly gold planner, and eventually a tripod/engraving calculator (this is WIP).

All you need is to fill in your roster characters, set their ilvl, and it’ll show you the tasks based on the ilvl of each character, with the ability to enable it or not per character, ignore some tasks entirely, or even add your own custom tasks. It’s saved inside a realtime database to be easily shared accross devices and with your friends :slight_smile: resets are automated, it even tracks rest bonus for you !

The tool is entirely Open Source and it has a Discord server, all the links being on the website.