LOSTARKWeb64.ark still running after close

LOSTARKWeb64.ark still running after closing game and have to end task in order to launch game again from SteamScreenshot 2021-11-05 130309
Screenshot 2021-11-05 130416


Same for me. Very rarely does the game close properly

+1 , same issue for me every time I exit game


Same here, I’ve force steam to close to really close the game. But it’s very random because the five next time I’ve no issue

I noticed this stays up more often when the game closes prematurely, for example, getting disconnected due to either user-side internet problem or by the maintenance or game errors.
After closing the game manually, it seems it’s good to have about 10 seconds wait time between trying to re-launch the game, for I once tried immediately and it looked as though, perhaps, it bugs out saying the game’s already launched.

I’ve also been having this issue. I’m not disconnecting either when I go to close out of the game. I do it through hitting esc > exit game. I’ve not once had the game close and not still be showing in my task manager.

I had this problem until the last two days of the beta, where it no longer recurred for me.

Until then, every time that I exited the game cleanly using the Quit / Exit option in settings LostArkWeb64.ark would remain as a running background process. This would cause Steam to show the game as running, but Steam could not stop it. It wasn’t a matter of waiting for me: I forgot to kill the process once and found it still running 30 hours later.