Lostwind Cliff, Holy DMG 3% HOW?

So IF I have a FULL 30 piece Lostwind Cliff with Holy DMG 3% does this works even if my party members don’t have “Light of Salvation” set or it’s useless?

your party members need light of salvation otherwise its useless

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It only buffs their holy damage so if they don’t have LoS or holy skill it does nothing.

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But if they have ONLY “Change Damage Type To Holy” does that 3% apply ?


Yes, since their damage is now holy.

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By the time you reach lostwind 30 pretty much every person you meet will have at least 18 light of salvation

It does work without LOS set. The player just has to do Holy Damage. If the player doesn’t deal Holy Damage then the bonus won’t apply. Simple

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