Loved Every Minute

I’m a cynic and a realist. If something isn’t working I’ll call it out. I’m fairly unhappy with the direction of the MMOs I currently play or played. (SWTOR, tried FF14, etc.)

Legit this game exceeded my absurdly high expectations in the beta. I get there’s still work to do and that nothing can be perfect… But here are games that have been out for a decade plus that can’t seem to get out of their own way.

Legit only thing I’d like to see added is customizable UI interface. Everything else is just all the common sense stuff other developers ignore that you guys seem to have implemented.

Its nice to see a company that uses logic in game development over ego, esp in the MMO bracket.

Great job all around to your team. Its nice to sing praise instead of call out B/S. Keep up the good work!


Couldn’t agree more.

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The closest I’ve ever come to playing an MMO was Destiny and Destiny 2. I tried my hand at FFXIV based on players’ feedback, and there were aspects that completely drew me in, mainly the developers’ valuation of player feedback, the quality of the the story and gameplay, etc. Nevertheless, one thing that I simply could not find enjoyment in was the combat system. I apologize, but tab targeting is archaic. Auto-piloting through 80 abilities in a formulaic sequence based on a predictable battle encounter isn’t engaging.

The first moment I laid eyes on Lost Ark, I was hooked. The combat is beautiful, from the animations, to the visuals, to the gore. When I battle enemies in-game, I can feel the attacks, and because there’s no tab targeting system set in place, it actually requires my undivided attention; it demands that I remain consistently engaged. And, while optimal ability rotations will likely be universal, no matter the MMO, the bosses aren’t static. The bosses are dynamic and - while their abilities and mechanics are learnable - the timing of their execution is partially unpredictable, keeping fights fresh and spontaneous.


Already sold it to me.

Not sure which company you mean, but you are right, it is a well rounded game.

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The Closed Beta was so much fun! Can’t wait now for the full release. :grin:


Gotta agree. I’ve been waiting for this game for so long and the Beta just confirmed my desires.

The #1 thing I absolutely love about Lost Ark is that I don’t got to wait till I’m much higher level to get any cool looking abilities. From the jump my spells & abilities are impactful, flashy and just down right awesome instead of “Did I just toss a fireball or a flaming pebble?”

The thing I dislike is the “westernization” or the direction they’re going with it. I know what I was getting by looking at an Asian game. I love Asian culture and aesthetics including the Asian Race. I get you want to represent a larger verity of the worlds ethnic groups but if you’re not gonna make it look good don’t do it. You’ll piss off more people by black facing the NPCs than by leaving them all as Asians.

Censorship should be a toggle option in the menu than a design feature. Please keep that in mind.

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Some UI customization would be awesome - I’m the type of guy that played WoW and I would legit make minor tweaks to my UI every single day, downloading new addons (I get that these aren’t a thing in Lost Ark), tweaking visuals and moving stuff around. Although I fear making the actionbars isn’t possible due to the “ultimate(?)”-meter that most, if not all classes have between their abilities and utility bars.

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Oops - sorry for necro! :X

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No worries at all man. Hoping they can bring back this energy after the rough start today. Still plenty to be hyped for :slight_smile: