Low FPS with DirectX 11

Hi, I have an issue with Lost Ark, and it has to do with game configs and my PC I guess, the thing is that my PC has specs near the recommended ones, I have:
I7 7700 CPU
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB Ram (I think the recommended is 1050Ti)
16Gb Ram
And still if I try to run the game with DirectX 11 I have 2 FPS, if I try with DirectX 9 I have decent numbers, but with some annoying drops (with everything in very high, which is also odd to me). I’ve tried a lot of things, everything I found on post or forums, like playing con Nvidia configs, I have latest version of windows 10 and drivers, I even tried reinstalling the game from scratch, do someone else have this kind of issue?

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Thanks you for pointing out this issue with the DirectX 11 , I understand that you already tried some troubleshooting step that you’ve found in this forum, I would recommend you to check out this page where you can find solutions for similar issues related with loss of FPS

If after trying all the steps mentioned above the issue still persists, please use the link below to contact us, and we are going to further investigate your case.

:crossed_swords: Amazon Games Customer Service :crossed_swords: .

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