[Low prio] Two bugs observed in Lost Ark on pet and in Stronghold

Hi Loa team,

please find two feedback I would like to provide:

  • 1st one is the missing aura on your pet when you have changed the skin thanks to the option unlocked with cookies

Aura is there with default pet
not there when skin has changed

  • Second bug is when you switch to a different skin in your strongold by touching a statue or the random box
    And you try to pick a mount you added there => it shows an error message

    error has happened. (140008) and the character is shaking for 2 seconds if you try to move away.

That’s it, hope it helps.

Are you talking about the aura on your pet when they reach legendary? My understanding is that when you use the reskin it goes away if you use a skin of a pet that’s not legendary. Mine does the same thing and that’s what someone told me. I don’t have a 2nd legendary pet to test this out, so cant be 100% sure I was told correctly.

Yes pet aura when reskin. This is not consistent with the pet use initially which is providing the aura but because of the reskin, it is simply no longer displayed. the aura should appears with the inital skin or different ones. Don’t worry, we still need pets for cookies so no risks people buy less of them.

Hey @Shinbahamut thanks for taking the time to make this report! Since your thread was initially posted in the French forums, I’m transferring it to the English-speaking ones, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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Hello I know its been a few weeks since this was posted. I don’t know if the pet aura is a bug or the way they wanted it to work. I did get a 2nd legendary pet and tested it out.

My Legendary starfish with aura
Original legendary

Then I used reskin and picked an epic pet (all epic show the same).
And one does not show up
Epic reskin

Then I picked a pet that is legendary and the aura showed up on that one.
Legendary Reskin