Low punishment on RMT is disheartening

I don’t like to make another post like this, but.

I don’t believe you guys give enough perma bans on RMT.

Before it was discord and Reddit, but now even on forum and in game people are openly talking about buying gold. Most of them can even provide specific transactions through the AH, sometimes buying millions through gems and accessories, and then it’s either:

  1. Nothing, majority are still playing like nothing has happened.
  2. 24h - 3 day ban
  3. Same as 2, but with gold reset to 0 (not even negative on our region), with jewelry, honing and engravings still intact.

I understand that many solutions are only provided by SG and take time, but it takes a dozen of people to monitor AH transactions, as it seems like the mail is usually considered unsafe even by RMTs themselves (funny enough, some people reported that they put high bidding price to have a big deposit, that they store in case of gold reset, as there were other reports that undelivered mail gold has not being touched).

There will be much less bots if RMT will be punished. We need to rule this kingdom by fear, idk. 3 day ban is nothing, and those sorts of punishment is only provoking more people to buy gold from outside the game. “Why would I pay 100$ in game to get 30-50k gold, if you can get 3 times more gold and the risk of punishment is low, while the punishment itself is 24h ban?”

I feel like fighting the bots is pointless on a large scale without fighting the reason why bots exist. You need to target both, and I am pretty sure you guys know it. We just don’t understand why you don’t take harder action like almost every other MMO does, that’s why people are speculating that it is your marketing model or something.

first offense should be a 2 week ban with gold reset to 0, all engravings reset, all gems removed, all accessories sent back 1 grade (relic to legendary) and removed 2 engraving points, all gear set back 5 hone levels, and all honing mats and engraving books in storage or inventory removed.

2nd offense perma banned.


At least that.

My main point is that a 24h-3d ban with basically nothing on top for people that have bought 200k-300k gold is ridiculous. People brag about RMT, they do it in plain sight on AH, and nothing happens, and when they get slapped on a hand, it isn’t even a punishement, but a tiny inconvinience.

This amount is literally nothing in that game. It is like 1385 - 1405.

The more crazy is how expensive it is to buy.

Considering this is right after maintenance…


Pretty on point lel