LOWEs video sums up how player base feels about recent class announcement


wow! this guy really seems like he knows what hes talking about! false info by 1:15 already and no knowledge or perspective on how the game works. but he speaks confidently as though he should be the one running the game. sounds like everyone making posts on the forums!

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Why do people keep posting omega bootlicker Stoopz? This guy literally has a monetary incentive to defend the game and shit on people calling out bad practices (the ones trying to make the game better for EVERYONE). Are you that much of a clown?


Woah lol stoopz isn’t a boot licker he’s very critical of the game and where he thinks they could of done better but he’s also human so his opinion may differ from yours. Yes obviously the forum community and the Reddit community are very upset about the skin cadence I know I am. But people are allowed to talk about how smilegate has brought us an amazing game.

All of those twitch streamers like stoopz have their livelihood depend on this game’s success taking opinions from someone like him about the current state of the game is completely moot.

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While this is a bit too doomer, I don’t really blame him… wtf are they thinking. What he said about classes was true af