Lullaby Island - Quest chain bugged

I’m trying to do the quest to get Forest’s Minuet Song. The third part of the quest that you can only do once every 2 hours is bugged. the circle never shows up on the ground to let you know to play the song to open the secret entrance.

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Hi ! Same thing for me. 2 times in a row… really annoying.

Same, quest did not spawn.

Edit: EU, at 23.20.

Quest spawned for me, but I got an error saying it was “unable to redeem reward” after the tree did its thing, has happened twice in the 4 hours I’ve tried to do it.

For this use the timer on the alerts system rather than on the island its self as they seem to be out of sync.

Once the alert timer says the event is active the island timer will jump to a 3 min countdown. (from like 1 hour) Once the 3 mins are up the entrance will open and you want to go all the way in after a couple of min’s the circle will appear and you need to play the song you get from the ship for pirate coins.

You need to do this 3 times.

I think the quest is 1h out. I happened to be at island 1h early and it opened up. I’m going to idle around there until the next hour to see if it opens again