Lullaby Island Song Bug

Secret area won’t open up when using Song of Resonance, this has been going on now for a few days. I’ve showed up multiple times with many other players and none of us have been able to enter since Thursday. Changing channels does not work. This is on Azena server. Please fix and compensate anyone who showed up to the bugged event with additional rods since it’s problematic that it needs to be repeated three times.

I have the same problem on Innana sever. I showed up 3 times, 5 min earlier every time and none of us can’t go inside. I cheeked up what to do, and we supposed to get a quest to play the Song of Resonans, but we didn’t get that quest.

A shame really. Like me, most people I encountered stumble upon this quest after going through Gullwing Isle and realizing they need Song of the Forests to complete the chain. So we come back to Lullaby Island at inconvenient times and have to do the SoR 3x, if it works, or much more if it doesn’t. What could have been a memorable and delightful quest turns into a distasteful time trap.

It’s not bug, just the timer is off. In my time zone the event is at 20:23 not 19:23. I just realized in the last 4 min and I can do the event and got the first voice.
I hope that going to help for you to.

Thanks for the input, definitely there is a one hour difference between the map/mini-map icon time and the event alert timer. I have seen many players still standing and waiting for the map timer to count down.