Lunar Moon Reaper

I have a quick question for moon Reaper is it better to go with Spec/Swiftness or Crit and Spec or Crit and swiftness which one is more ideal and will bring better dps??

and what would the engraving setup be?

Crit swift
Keen blunt
Lunar voice
Ambush master
Cursed Doll/Adrenaline/Raid Captain

crit spec is the higher ceiling for damage

spec swift is for comfort if you want the swiftness

I’m probably going to do Crit Spec cause I’ve been seen that a lot recently i just need good rng with accessories

For better dps Crit Spec

Crit spec might be cheaper too because you don’t have to get adrenaline and go cursed doll instead.

Swiftness is for Hunger.
Your Swoop skills hit like noodle if you go swiftness as Lunar Voice.
Lunar Voice mostly go full spec for max Swooping. Some go half half for higher floor but less ceiling.