Lunar Reaper buffs have been REVERTED on PTR KR

PTR Changes 13/1

WHAT 4 percent were too excessive? Are they stupid

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Like the hunger buff bc the dmg is rly cringe but still imo reaper needs more buffs.
Also I didnt understand why “Silent Smasher” just was 1,2% and the rest 4% lmao… “Silent Smashers” dmg is already the lowes.

Why though? Reaper does negative damage

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As a lunar main this hurt me. Was it really too much on a class that struggles to get on the mvp screen against most other dps? :confused:

The elite Ancient gear 1600 players probably found a way to make it OP.

As usual balancing always focuses on bleeding edge …

Meanwhile, the sharpshooter mains are having a party and all 5 of them are participating.

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What do you mean with that?

The SS meter gain is absolutely trash and needs to get reverted IMMEDIANTLY. If this shit comes live, DS is dead.

I heard, that a guy on Inven posted a 33m DPS parse video for reaper on test server and bragged about the dmg. Now he get shit on because he may be the reason why these buffs got reverted.


Wasn’t there a huge rush in KR to cut some new stone based on the prior patch notes before they made this adjustment?


Check the changes, they doubled the duration. “When the skill hits, the Hawk Gauge is restored by 22/24/26/29/33 every second for 10.0 seconds” up from 5 seconds for all of them.

lunar does not struggle with damage, and it gets to keep the 10% atk speed and less identity lock which is really all it needed

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Yes. Still trash. You still need 15 seconds to get your hawk back. Thats a complete fucking of your rotation.

I f.E.: got my rotation every 9 seconds. that means I got a permanent dmg rotation and like a 100% uptime. With that change, my full rotation will have 6 seconds cooldown. I could use my full rotation TWICE.

The Meter gain based on time is trash. Idk, do you play DB? Its like saying Surge can do whatever they want, you are only allowed to surge every 25 seconds. Would be absolute dogshit

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I wasn’t commenting on the PTR change in general, just that this last change is objectivly better then a 5 second duration which ticks for the same amount :man_shrugging:

No, its not really better. It just change the amount of two meter gain skill to one meter gain skill. The main problem on this change was the time that is required to fill the hawk meter again. It doesn’t matter if the duration is 5 seconds or 10 seconds. What would be an OK change: The meter gain is increased by 80 / second. So you only need one spell and 5-6 seconds and you get your meter again.

Then we are fine. But this is still trash.

Well this isn’t the thread to debate the issues regarding Sharpshooter, still, I’d wait to see how the changes to the specialization stat and its “natural recovery” plays into it before I bring out the pitchfork

Yeah, I know what you mean.

But for now, nothing (no spec and no wealth nor “natural recovery”) works on it. Its completely trash.

And that’s the baffling this is the class screams Spec because of meter gain

Yet they now have Spec affect LC while the bird is out, thus now making it so Swift LC is one thread away from being done if the Spec gets buffed even slightly

It’s a god damn shit show right now and I’m hoping whoever is responsible is seeing what’s happening and at least trying to fix it

Because seeing how Purple GL got a buff to their double engraving and how much love Slayer is getting is just disheartening

Also too that change is bullshit if it got changed because of that one guy, feel your pain Reapers

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That a user error not the class.


Yup that about confirm it.