Lush reed protect rune

It just doesn’t exist, I’m pretty sure they forgot to put it in the loot table, I can’t possibly not be getting it after 5 months of doing this island, it’s not even legendary, I got the soul like 3 months ago

It does exist though, I dropped it a while ago. You seem to be unlucky. Gl

The drop rate on this item does not appear to be bugged.

Is it like 0.1%

I’m still convince to this day it doesn’t exist, many people also believe so, why is a purple rune so rare? I’ve had every legendary rune before it, and almost every collectibles?? At this rate I’ll get the yearning soul before a purple rune???

It’s stupidly low drop, no doubt. Lush Reed hasn’t dropped either thing for me and Medeia is still holding out too. Those along with Yearning (and the one unobtainable island) are the only souls I’m missing.

I got medeia and lush reed souls months ago like back in april or may. Lush reed is particularly easy to get if you do chests, if you wait like 10 seconds before xx:03 you could enter an empty island and have all the chests for yourself. I don’t know if rune drop from chest too or only reward pouch, but I still didn’t get it even after opening hundreds of chest so