Luterra Castle Neria isn't blackwashed on the Witcher island

Second day of Witcher event and I couldn’t help but notice that Luterra Castle Neria makes an appearance there and they forgot to blackwash her as she is one of the various NPCs that received said treatment for the west release of the game. But seems it was forgotten for this event appearance. Not that it matters to me what someone’s skin color is, it’s just an amusing oversight to point out.

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They forgot to censor the painter as well. There’s one with panties sitting in a tent.

isnt that black dude in a white suit in Feiton the same, in Boss Rush hes white af but in town hes blak af Jerico was it his name?

There’s a painter on the island?

The base class of it, I don’t know the name. There are a lot of them.

Father Jederico, yes he’s another blackwashed character, but I think it suits him actually. And yeah they forgot his Boss Rush version but they’re greyscaled in there anyway so it’s not a big deal.


Oh you mean like the playable class Artist. I don’t really know about it, but I never see player models in the random NPCs in the game, they have a lot less polish to them.

Artist, painter… I think it’s lost in translation. Wait until AGS gives this class a new name like crafter or some shit.