Lv. 3 Crimson Flame Gem (Tier 3)

Hey, just wanted to ask how much I could get for a Lv. 3 Crimson Flame Gem Tier 3 on the Auction House because I saw a Lv. 1 being sold for 1.5k gold.

That lvl 1 gem was sold most likely for a Argos or Valtan bus. You can maybe get 81 gold for that lvl 3 gem.

Ah ok, thanks

Alt + Y > Auction house;
Select “gems” tab;
It will be showing only results related to your class. Instead, on top left change from (your class) to “all” ;
type “level 3” and press enter;
Lastly, click on “buy now price” twice. It will list from the cheapest to most expensive gem. you want to look at the chepest ones;

thats how you pricecheck things

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