Lvl 1382 but still cant use market, help!

I got banned for being a “bot” after playing for 2 days, after a week the ban was lifted. After that i level up till 1382 already but im still unable to use market or auction, my account is verified, i did the deposit, purchased something also, everything is done but still im unable to trade, please help :confused:

It takes time to make your steam account “trusted”. Sorry to say this but you fell into Amazon trap.

how do you mean? im playing since december already

Did you buy sth. for real money?

Try to contact support, but I believe they will tell you the same that your account isn’t considered “trusted” yet.

Yes, spent more than 5 euro

I tried, but still get no answer…

Hmmm, thats odd. Cause you have to buy sth. for 5 dollars/euros to get the trusted status after 30 days of waiting.

I would also recommend to contact the support. But Mods are also checking forums on a regular basis. You should chek on your post from time to time if a mod responded.

So it has to be around 30 days after purchase to get trusted?

Ags doesn’t give a sht about their players.
the game is way worse than at release for everyone except bots :joy:

So far as i understood the change, yes. You have to purchase an item for atleast 5 dollars/euros to get your steam account verified. Takes 30 days i think.

I made the purchase on 12 january i see, so probably have to wait another week or so?

I bet. But as i mentioned before, chek your post from time to time if a mod responded. They will help you out more than i can^^

What you also can do is search trusted status in the middle at the top search bar. There are several threads explaining the situation.

okey, thanks for the info:)

Hello Vtljsk, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Game Feedback” section to the English one.

Thats okey, but would be nice if you could also address my question perhaps?

It’s a mod, they can’t help you with these things apart from telling you to contact support.

Do you have the 2FA activated for steam? It could help to reactivate it

AGS Gatekeeping new players xd

You should contact Lost Ark support and explain everything you need.