Lvl 50 botters farming Tome items

I report these people every day, and the next day when I go there they’re still in the best farm spots either circling and killing mobs or standing still nuking a spot where yellow ‘named’ mobs spawn.

You need to invest more resources in removing the blatantly obvious farmers that swarm desirable farm locations, preventing real players from farming. I can killsteal them because I am much higher itemlevel than them but lower geared players cannot. We don’t share loot. If they do more than half the damage they get the loot.

Here they are in Balankar Mountains, Vern.

…and they’re in every…



Lots of them have equipped titles so that they appear legitimate. Some even have Crystal benefactor titles. Some of them have joined guilds as well. I encountered one deathblade last night and about 20 sorceresses in their generic, knowledge transferred yellow dresses as well as a few artillerists.

Level 50 artillerists love to bot in Tortoyk at this location:

…here they are…again, in every channel…

The ones above are stationary. They stand still and nuke a spawn spot for mobs. The ones in Arthetine circle.

Here they are…need I repeat “in every single channel”? I think not.

…here they are, circling sorceresses. Some of them weren’t strong enough to survive vs the ants. One mindless swarm vs the other.

On to Shushire! Certainly the bots haven’t made it this far…oh wait, it was a week ago that I entered a Chaos Gate in Shushire where bots also entered and 8 of them were bidding on the drops after the other three players and I cleared it. (The bots hit the boss once and backed away from the fight so they wouldn’t die) So yea, they’re here, too.

Now, I encountered a pile of them the other night but I can’t remember where exactly that was. I looked around a bit and found some here:

Here they are…

Next channel, artillerist swarm:

Next channel, sorcs again.

Next channel, yet again.

AGS has banned a lot of bots lately, but these trash piles are evading your radar. You can do more. You need to do more. The game feels dirty when it’s permitted. This shouldn’t take you long to resolve.

In before the trolls that argue that the bots are providing a service or driving the price of items down. I would rather farm for 50 hours and get a few extra things worth a lot of gold for my efforts than pay some garbage people using programs to farm for them to sell to equally as garbage people on some trash website. My time may not be worth a whole lot right now but my integrity is. Someone couldn’t pay me a million dollars to buy gold from this filth.

AGS, do more. Identify ‘problem areas’ and have them actively watched.

I’m not moving on to Rohendel or Yorn or Feiton (as far as I’ve made it) but no doubt they’ve found a spot to bot there as well.


I cant understand how devs still didnt try to implement some kind of solution for this. For weeks that i read they are working on some system to fight this, how much more time they need? This affects us players that invest time and enjoy the game.

Banning bots accouts its nothing, they just create a new account and will be lvl50 in some hours farming again, selling gold, spamming chat.

In the meantime we need to see 50 bots each zone using speed and wallhacks. Sucks

This is a known issue , +1 million bot got banned cuz of this, mods care about it.

Man I give you thumbs up for taking time to take so many screenshots :slight_smile:

I hope they keep banning them.

You will never come CLOSE to reporting all, or even half of them. I will not bother reporting them and just let the dev work something out.
To give you an idea how many bots there are, when creating a class you can see the percentage of class distribution population.

As of now in Valtan
51.8% warrior
29.6% mages
everyone else is single digit.
While not every warrior is a bot, I dare say nearly half of the server are bots.

Yeah I know that 50% of the population are bots, currently. It’s really gross.

I also know they banned a million accounts, but they did not ban these ones. These were there before the ban and after it. Same names. They just change locations.

They’re flying under the radar somehow and AGS needs to be aware of it.

how much more time they need?

Literally this. Is Smilegate in Korea even aware of this? I even doubt if Amazon is reporting current bot situation to them. They would never let this happen


Holy Jesus… The more i see these threads, the more i start feeling bad about playing this game and another online games like this. Maybe i should just retire from these multiplayer infested with cheater/bots/ect and go back to the good old single player games. Im getting too old to keep up with all this BS. F*

Edit: Let’s be realistic, i think 99% here are not asking to remove all bots, i think that might be impossible. But this infestation is ridiculous and infuriating.

If they are just a publisher why do they operate as a game customer service, how can they ban players for violating code of conduct? (Amazon code of conduct, because I never heard about simegate code of conduct) Your information is absolutely incorrect.