Lvl 50 with no gold

I am currently level 50 with my awakening skill but have not been given any gold and it does not appear in my currency tab

Hello gallingernic, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Game Feedback” section to the English one.

thank you

alt j and complete ween quest, u can earn gold with UNA Tokens (gold seller in all city).

Sunday: 4/9 Golden Island in the morning hours: Asura Island (I don’t know the name in English)

I suppose you’re on tier 1 right now (please correct me)

You will eventually start earning gold from tour weekly Una tokens (by completing Una’s tasks) and Abyssal Dungeons (once you complete North Vern’s main questline you’ll be able to participate in your first Abyssal Dungeon).

After you get your first couple of gold you’ll be able to use the AH (since you need some gold to use it), though you won’t be earning much gold from there until you reach tier 3. At tier 1 your main income of gold will be Abyssal Dungeons and Una’s tasks. If you really want to increase your gold, doing trader stuff (foraging and fishing for example) can give you some tiny gold once you sell them on the market. You can also sell honing materials, but it’s better to enter tier 3 as soon as possible, as your income of gold will grow as well with it.

You also have gold islands (you can check them on the Compass) and every two hours an rng gold event at Maharaka island. I think it is accessible from item level 250.

If you’re a newbie mokoko I think the newbie challange also offers gold. If the awakening quest offers gold (i don’t remember well), maybe you can check on your inventory if there’s any gold coins. Then you just have to click it.

don’t use gold until you get to tier 3

do una’s task so you can trade coins for gold
island gold, when you play look at the procyon compass
abyss dugeon
sell engraving that you don’t need especially the green one they cost more than blue or purple atm
idk if mokoko challenge gives gold the old welcom challenge was giving something like 5000 completed

have fun

There is no gold in Mokoko Challenge (bots), only way for new players to earn gold is to complete Una’s tasks and do the gold Islands from Proycon compass (some of them ale behind Wall of Procyon, tho), once a new player manages to get a little bit of gold they can start to sell life skill mats.

It really sucks to be a new player nowadays, imho.

As an anti bot method they leave you dry. There is the purple mission of the guardians and the one of a purple map of error 306. Get works of art also. But they are, in general, outdated rewards. When tier 1 or 2 were the pinnacle.

On the top bar, click the little chest, then you will be able to select which currencies you want to display.

oh rude hope it give at least tones of mat, books, chest item etc