Lvl 55 GS 1370 Sorc spells not hitting for proper damage

Toon Name:Geelu
Server: Akkan
PC Info: Windows 10 Home 64 bit, Intel i7-8700, 16GB RAM, GeForce RTX 2070

I was farming 21K HP potions in Punika just SE of the Ashen volcano triport to pass the time while my wife was on the phone. Things were working fine for about 15 minutes and all of a sudden nothing would die. Thought it was a game bug or an area bug, so moved to North Vern, tried to kill stuff there. finally looked at my spells and they were hitting for a fraction of normal. example: Level 10 Doomsday “Calls forth a giant meteor…inflicting 7557 {Fire} damage…” That spell usually hits for well over 600K! Here are the steps I took to (unsuccessfully) resolve the issue.

  • logged to character select screen and tried other toons, their spells were fine
  • Logged back on to main toon, spells still bugged
  • reset all spell setting on Sorc, saved settings and checked spells, still bugged
  • Went to STEAM and validated Lost Ark game files, Still bugged
  • Restarted PC, still bugged
  • uninstalled Lost Ark from Steam, reinstalled from Steam, still bugged
  • shut down game competely and logged back in
  • had wife invite me to group and bring me into a dungeon in NVern, still bugged

I have no clue what went wrong and no idea how to fix it. It’s frustrating since I was just hopping from one spot to another to get some potions, then suddenly, nothing dies due to my damage being so low I can’t outpace the MOB regen.

So now I have a totally neutered Sorc and no clue how it may have happened
Any help is appreciated

Have you tried repairing your gear?

Hey there @SumoldGuy, Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

Can you check if there’s any damaged gear? try and repair it as @Meathook just mentioned. :wink:

will do, logging in now. Shit, hope that works, but then again, almost hope it doesn’t because, you know… STUPID

OK, that was it, I’m just an idiot. Now I’m getting crap from my wife and of course I’m thinking How TF did I get to 1370 and be so stupid. I’m blaming it on my age, let’s go with that. TY all

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Hahaha, I think we’ve all been there! :rofl:

I’m glad that worked, let us know if we can help with anything else, stay safe y’all! :hugs:

Lost Ark for Dummies class perhaps? I might be the only one in it, but…

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Sounds like a thread I responded to only a few days ago… :rofl: