Machinist - Command: Carpet skill might be broken

I think it is supposed to work like Command: Baby Drones but it doesn’t. The skill description says Send a drone flying toward the target position and drop 4 bombs, but it seems to do the exact opposite which is dropping 4 bombs and flying toward the target position.

And what does the first tripod One body and Spirit even do? It does not change how the skill is cast at all. I think it is supposed to work like Command: Blockade which let you smart cast the skill. You command the drone flying toward the target then the drone starts firing immediately.

This is the most annoying thing about playing AT Scouter because it is extremely awkward to cast Command: Carpet. The other skill that works like this is Command: M143 Machine Gun. However the description clearly says The drone flies 8m toward the target location WHILE firing at foes.

The skill is working as intended, the translation/description is … improvable.

If you do not use “One body and spirit” you hvae a short cast time, with it you can keep walking and use it without casting at all. Works fine for me

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