Machinist Website is Up


heya, it is not mentioned on this website, but on their official twitter, here is the tweet

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Make sure you prepare your 80K gold to buy accessories & cut a 7/7 stone bois.


for skins? definitely me!!! till we get Reaper i wanna play Reaper! and Aeromancer / Femzerker / Summoner i’ll have new slots for them before they arrive!

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What’s a machinist? Don’t you mean Dronier?

? lmao they got another one 1 or 2 weeks ago with the baseball dress

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yes… and that’s only the 2nd one they’ve had this year. 4th overall since neria’s wardrobe was first introduced to the game. and it took them 4 months. still less time than we’ve had but it’s not exactly something they have every month in kr, and not something as important as ark pass so idrc.

Kaku coming on 28th? Next reset?


Rage with the Machinist

That got a chuckle outta me

Well played Localization, well played

Come back after 6 months when game is dead and you can play support for bots .

Another patch with no Skin for GS, great.

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and only for royal crystals they deliver the updates just for the whales.

There is literally no way the market is able to recover to an healthy state

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Actually game design is bad if you think, because if people stop spending real money in game shop the game will be unplayable, which is what happening atm as whales started realizing that game is not worth the money.

What are you talking about? the market prices are rising because of the whales.

The whales still putting skins in the market. The Problem is they don’t use the exchange they using skins to getting more and more money

Exactly and people also swiping less so royal crystals supply is less. Do you really think selling skins is just a new thing? people use to sell skins even before bikni came out and still make more gold than direct exchange but some gigawhales don’t care about skins and want gold insta but with this new 3 day limit they have to wait 3 days so better buy skins.

Yes but thats not the problem of the whales, they are just a big part of it… AGS is messing up with everything they do

The game has been destroyed by RMT

No. Even if you put all of these RMT gold together you reach what? 30- for a long term of game this is literally nothing. AGS is destroying this game… look at the recent roadmap thats a freaking joke and everyone who agree with that and think this roadmap is fine… idk no one can help them anymore i think

nothing else than lies lies lies since literally 6 months

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