Machinist/Scouter exact release date discussion

During hyper express event, it was said that new class would not come out. Hyper express will end in september 28 and scouter will release in september. So scouter will be released exactly on september 28, right? I know something may change later but I just want to be sure that we can’t use punika pass on scouter. So that i can use it for different character. I hope I’m not missing something.

Depending on if they set the patch for reset, we could see it on the 29th IMO.

Put me down for 21st

They said many times we can’t use the pass for new classes…

To be fair there wasn’t any official announcement aside from random forum replies which have proven to be misinformed once or twice before due to miscommunication to the CM’s from management .

Here’s to hopium

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With the disabled power pass, this is our opportunity to ask for compensation in the form of an extension.

So you guys should REALLY start making those posts and problem solved…

I know as I mentioned on post but I can’t %100 sure when it comes to AGS. They can change things like they did in past.

Sep 22nd or 29th

Its 28th. Enough statements that Punika Pass and Express Event wont last until next Class.
Theres no Hopium. Use the Pass on the Base Class and let it sit at Trixion.

It most definitely after September 28! Since they have already make it clear on multiple occasion that the powerpass we currently have won’t roll over to Scouter. So it would be safe to assume that Scouter going to come out after the pass expire.

It will be the 28th not the 29th
The free punika pass and hyper express end with maintenance on the 28th meaning that if you have not used it by 3am PST/7am UTC on September 28th it’s gone.
Then when servers come back up scouter will be avilable to create.

I would assume they are going to release it right as the new skins go off sale , It would be a very Amazon thing to do.

September 28th, 2023

there are supposed to be 2 updates this month: the balance patch “early” september and kakul+stuff “late” september, which i really thing “early” means september 21st and “late” september 28th.

Bold of you to assume “late” September won’t be September 30th, or better yet…

October 5th