Macro Users Staying Logged In

Hello, I wanted to ask what AGS or Smilegates stance was on users using macro’s such as mouse and keyboard macros to stay logged in and avoid the AFK timer.?

I’ve seen a lot of players in-game standing and making almost robotic micro-movements, this leads me to think they are macro users who are avoiding the logout timer.


True, some “guides” even appeared on YT to show you how to stay logged.

Cuz after 10h queue no one gonna log out.

Would you log out if you waited 6 to 10 hours?

I understand both sides. Imagine not getting into game at all because someone is AFKing 8 hours straight. It’s selfish

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It’s a video game, not someone not standing up to give up his seat for an elder woman in a bus.

No reason to log out, because you should instantly log in again, if you would like to play also tomorrow.