Made a lvl 7 gem, and it got time restricted to 2 days and 22 hours

Hello all,
So, I’m a F2P player. Don’t use bots, Don’t cheat and a gamer as long as the net has been up “yes a boomer”… Well i ran into a “bug” or trash way to stop bots??

Last night i did 6 dailies on 6-1300+ chars, then did 6 boss rush, smashed a bunch of gems i had saved and just got… And guess what happens? I get some weird time restriction on them. Cant sell for 2 days and 22 hours. I ask my friends has this ever happened to you?
ofc they say no…

Now i ask, Did my account get flagged? Is this some new way to stop bots? Does this compnay actually think this will work?? Anyways, I dont post here, I do lurk and read the forums so i see whats going on. I guess im honestly just triggered and tilted by this… You are now messing with players because you cant defeat bots…

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It might be a bug i made a few lvl 7s today and dont have that restriction you have unless it has somthing to do with the trusted system they have in place

i just made a lvl 5 on my striker alt and no time limit or anything i think maybe a bug or it’s only sorc related can’t test it since i don’t have a sorc alt

Yeah, I had friends test too. It seems to be my account, Is why i asked am i flagged? I read people are getting banned for selling gems? I also sell them often. And i did make a lot this week. I honestly shouldn’t be having to post this here. :confused:

try fusing them on another alt maybe? you still get the timer ?if yes rip bozo to you

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I have a sorc. My gems aren’t restricted. Fact I have never seen or heard anything about gems being restricted for trading. So weird.

hmm at first it thought it might be because ur playing on a new account, but ur account created since april, so that’s is ruled out. Then probably you triggered the system as being suspicious of selling too many gems. i recommend contacting support

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i remember reading about this in the past tbh i’m not sure but the fact that this might be true is what makes it sad it might not even be true but i will never rule that out from what i’m seeing from ags so far

never saw this aswell

I’ve never seen this. I don’t sell gems on the AH though.

Never saw that and I sell my gems every week since a good two months. I also fuse them all on my sorceress so I doubt it’s about the class like some suggest

I’d avoid jumping to conclusions and blaming ags/sg for this one because this is the first time I’m seeing it and I just made lvl 5, 6 and 7 gems today and mine are fine. It might be this users account that’s an issue? Unless it’s a fake image :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello @RiverPhoenix
what is your roster level?
have you bought any Royal Crystals ever?

Is your Gold on a 3 day hold so you can’t cover the deposit for the listing?

roster lvl 130
yeah for costumes once.


Why would i post a fake image? As i said im a old gamer, Not here for attention. I’m not jumping to any conclusions, Nor do i see anyone else? Just bringing up a issue within the game. As i said maybe a bug?

That’s new to me and never say that before. Then I never sell gems anyways because I need all I can get !

if this is the reason it would be good since legit player will just have to put steam guard + additional security for the account as well BUT bots will just have to wait for another 3 or 4 days and they will still sell it but TBH its pretty good

did you fused the gem using bought gems from market?