Mail Bot Issue I think i have a Fix

Lately i have been getting mail from bots and it is very aggravating because I am the type to not like notification things on my screen glowing. ( ie. the red chat bubbles )

Recently, with the influx of bots, im getting about 10ish mail from bots telling me about rtm and im kind of annoyed by it.

Im just here to ask if amazon is going to implement reporting and blocking for mail, because the bots that send me mail i cant report or block.
Also another fix could be that it costs 10 gold to send mail but the sender gets it returned if the person replies but loses it if the receiver just removes it. it would help stop the mail spam we get and take money away from the bots most people only use the mail system for item trades and gifts anyways and we wont get flooded with spam emails. Or the bots are gonna just lose out on 1000s of gold because we all just remove them anyways. I personally would just liek a way to not see spam emails inside a game. or just let us report and block them also could you put more characters blockable? 100 is just not enough and i am trying to do my part by reporting bots but u can block 100 in about 5 minutes at this point