Mail permanently broken

I have 3 mail notifications, but when I open it by clicking the mail notification nothing shows up (except for old mail I’ve already opened). I’m pretty sure I know what the missing mail is, I defeated a field boss yesterday while the shop was down and crystal aura, product inventory etc was broken, and the notifications showed up (I assume it was the gold you get from the bidding war after the boss), but when I opened the mail I could see nothing. The problem is that while product inventory and crystals etc always come back when the system starts working again, it seems like the mail is gone forever, and it’s quite annoying to have those notifications you can’t remove. I’ve had one unremovable notification almost since launch, and just assumed it was some bug not related to any actual item I could claim, but yesterday two more notifcations showed up after the field boss and now I’m worried this problem could cause me and others to permantently lose out on items we should be receiving, not to mention having the red notification sign permanently there.

Hello, if you talking the ingame mail, there are some mail you can open only at the mail npc. Did you try open it at the npc? I got gold from world chaos dungeon auction, and there is a note, you can collect it only at mail npc