Mailing Founders Pack Rules?

Founders pack in this game are tradeable and appear to be able to be mailed to others. There are people who would like to get multiple founders (e.g. 2 Platinum Pack outfits).

Is there anything in Steam or Amazon ToS that would make creating 2 accounts, then gifting one of the accounts the contents of the founders packs, a break/issue?

On the same vein, as the packs come with Crystals, are there any automated systems against gold sellers that would flag an account if they were used to gift items or sell crystals via the currency exchange, then mail or trade the gold to the main account?

Better to ask here now than troubleshoot later.

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Wait really ? so i can buy another gold pack on an alt account and send the Northern Lawmaker costume box to my main account ?

Seems like it:

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Hello @Lin-0!

I’m really glad to see you are here at the forums and hope you can enjoy your time here and at the game as well!

Regarding your concern about the Founders packs currently you can only get 1 Founder Pack per account, this means that you can’t get 2 Platinum Packs on 1 account.

Founder’s Packs will automatically be delivered to player Product inventory on the first character you create. Since there are no server transfer features available at this point in time, the Founder’s Pack will only be available for that server.

Regarding the trade, Founder’s Packs are locked to the redeeming account and cannot be traded, there is an error which allows Bronze packs to be traded so please don’t try to trade it, or in case you’ve done it already and it failed sadly there’s nothing we can do.

I hope that my answer clears your concern!

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Hi Wyvernn, thanks a lot for the quick answer.

You can see from my screenshot above though that I can mail the Lawmaker Set box that was inside the Platinum Founders to a character. Is this also a bug then? It’s clear that a fair few of the items within the packs are tradeable.

Hi @Lin-0,

Indeed, being honest your screenshot confused me a lot hahaha but after the research I made I found that any Founder Pack trade available is a bug, you could try under your own risk to go for it but if this fail we won’t be able to help you, therefor we don’t encourage or recommend to do so.

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Hello @Wyvernn could you clarify if items bought on the cash shop are server bound as well or if you are able to buy them and use in different servers?

Hi @AbyssalSire,

Absolutely, it would be my pleasure to help you with that! Currently since there are no server transfer features available at this point in time, the items wouldn’t be able to be traded between servers either.

I hope that my answer clears your concern!


Thank you very much, this makes the possibility of regional prices on SA stronger

Fingers crossed for the monetization team to implement it

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