Mails from goldsellers

Right, so I’ve been busy reporting all the goldsellers and bots that i come across - reached the block cap limit thanks to this → cleaned it completely → it’s almost full again (and I’m getting really tired of reporting as it doesn’t really get us anywhere anymore).

But what about the goldsellers emailing us in game? How am i supposed to report them? You can’t really expect me to type down their names to then report them manually, can you?

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I was searching for the same thing, no way to click on the name from a mail to report them.

i believe they do expect you to do it manually, yes.

hit reply, then in the new window that pops up, you can copy the name of the gold seller/spammer to clipboard. cancel the mail.

now move to the chat box, /whisper the gold seller/spammer by pasting their name in the chat box, i usually reply with “die bot”. once you have replied and their name is listed in the chat box you can then right click and report…

not to shit on a great explanation, because this does help.
but after filling up my block list 3X over i already sigh heavily when it forces me to type a 6 letter description of what the person in question did to warrant the report.
it usually ends up looking something like asdfasfda.

so I’m not gonna spend 2 minutes completing 7 additional steps just to report 1 bot.
at this point, the bots are unfortunately winning.

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Good on you for going to the effort. I refuse to burn my already limited gaming time on manual reporting.

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no worries, i cant blame you…

amazon doesnt seem to be taking the problem seriously…

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That works, even though i can’t be asked to do it every time - getting really tired of all this reporting.
Problem persists when the bot who emailed you is offline, as we cannot copy from the chat being unable to send a whisper.
Oh well, Amazon wants bots and goldsellers to stick around doesn’t it? :wink: