Main and alts 1415+

All this main oriented design is starting to fade off after 1415. The gold you farm on alts is needed to gear them, honing costs are increasing and grinding stones to exchange them 1:5 is not really worth it. It’s like all your chars are bound to become mains. There are new mats 1490+ and there will be new ones 1580+.
Pushing your first with pretty much everything in order to be ready for the next release will slow the progression of the others by a lot. Not saying it’s a bad thing but it’s my case as a F2P late starter.

Indeed, as pure f2p I parked my alts at 1430-1445 and at this moment all the gold I get from them raids weekly is used to push main a bit. I usually only push alts when there is a global honing buff or with express event. As f2p, you need to be very careful for your main to always be ahead for future content.

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I don’t know about late-comer strats, but as a F2P from day one, I got no problems in slowly putting all my 5 alts to 1472,50

My main is 1545 right now

So maybe… just take your time, and dont feel like you have to rush?

Use real-life financial advice in your game:

"Always reserve at least 10% of your sallary, for investments and/or savings accounts "

(in other words… pick 1 alt, and every week, always put 10% of your income on it…)

you dont have to be there, ready for next release. stop with that mindset. as for now just push to 1445 and stay there for 6 months. collect them mats and saving those golds untill 1 million perhaps? because right after that, your main income will be exhausted for gear set and brel gear.

I’ve played on the south vern launched, late to the game, waay behind when they launched valtan vykas and kakul, but then im brel ready. even right now my main at 1550. just chill take you time hoarding gold and mats

You started playing when South Vern came out?

And you’re already 1550?

Damn, you must be hitting some hot clicks in the honings…

I’m getting nothing but 100.0% artisan pitty…

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on brel armor? yeah two times back to back +14 +15 one click. never pity on main, but somehow all my alts are pity asf.

even i have one that stuck with no shard on 1496