Main Change I would like to see regarding Pheons

The Pheon system to me is fine, taxes for the market to prevent people from running things.

The main thing I would like to see incorporated is Accessories becoming roster bound as well as ability stones being roster bound until cut.
To me it seems ridiculous that I get taxed if I want to send an alt a piece of jewelry or RNG rock I found on a different character.
Making them roster bound allowed storage transfer so it takes the mail out of the equation so no pheon charge for moving it between your own characters.
Engraving books are roster bound and tradeable, so to me I don’t see a reason this isn’t feasible.

I have 5 smurfs of the same class with bis engraving (+12+12) and full lvl7 gem set, pls make accessories roster bound so I can literally out stat every t3 content. Even better, make ability stone roster wide so i can use my +9 +7 god rock until the end of times.

Pheons don’t prevent anything on the market other than your typical player from looking to gear up their character (which you basically need to do since the drops are usually trash in most areas of this game) because they don’t want to pay the pheon tax. Who do you think the pheon tax is stopping? The whales and hardcores who already have a crapload of gold and gems? They’ll pay the pheon tax if they see something they want.

The pheon system is simply a way to try and milk the player base in hopes they will actually pay to get gems to buy pheons. Plain and simple. There is zero other reason for it.

Amen this is the dumbest game feature in the entire game. Nothing is more pointelss than these. It has nothing to do with controlling the market because shit jewelry will always be shit jewelry pheons dont help or prevent anything. It a cash grab in a game making plenty of cash elsewhere.


I agree, pheons have made this game less fun for me. I don’t mind paying for the crystalline aura buff and buying some cosmetics here and there to support the game. Pheons just make me not even bother looking at the market for gear.