Main char on galatur missing main story

I Am Currently missing my Main Story.

Character: Liq
Server: Galatur

I am logged in right now.

Thank you!!

Hello, @Liq.

Hope you are doing well.

I am really sorry to know about the issue and I understand that you are unable to continue with your main quest

I would suggest you to try these troubleshooting steps.

-Verify Integrity of Game Files.
-Restart your computer
-Launch the game

If the issue still persists after the troubleshooting, I would request you to please contact us through live channels so that we can further escalate this by creating a ticket to the Dev team for a resolution.

You can contact us through live channels by following the below link
Contact Us | Amazon Games


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hey, you @ the wrong person @Muzz =] @Liq you have a reply from AGS.

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